Hello LBS Family! Welcome to my school website.  I am super excited for another year of teaching Health and Physical Education to our students.  This will be my 4th year at LBS and I am very proud and thankful to be a member of such a dedicated group of educators.  We are thankfully getting back a more normal school enviornment, though the challenges of keeping everyone safe remain. The safety of every student is paramount at LBS and my number one classroom rule. I recommend that all students wear or bring a pair of running shoes\sneakers daily to school. Most of my PE classes will involve vigorous movement and shoes with heels, open toed shoes, boots, crocs or sandals are a saftey concern.  Even if your child does not have class with me they will be involved in outdoor play almost everyday at LBS.   Like last year, I will continue to disinfect all equipment regularly to help prevent the spreading of germs.  This method has been very affective the last couple of years. Health classes will offer age appropriate content that will engage and challenge all.  Participation in may classes is a major part in learning and life. I stress to all my students the importance of being a part of the process and giving their best effort. I hope to give each of my students postive and memorable experiences that they can learn and grow from during their time at LBS. 

My goal it to guide my students on the road to a healthy and active lifestyle. As a parent, I realize how important that our children have trustworthy and responsible teachers to help guide them.  I will provide and promote materials and real time examples on the importance of building and maintaining positive health habits.  My students will learn and build on their knowledge of different health topics such as hygiene, diet, body systems, and more. In my classes they will have the opportunity to demonstrate and share their progress while building on quality characteristics such as, respect, empathy, responsibility, teamwork, citizenship, sportsmanship and leadership.

I'm excited for another memorable year at LBS filled with fun, laughter and learning. Feel free to email via the "Contact Me" tab with any of your questions or concerns.

All the very best!

Chris Torres  - aka Mr. T.

"Practice is Everything because Everything takes Practice."